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FOX News
Nov 27, 2009 1:00am EST
not -- it's not an oba0 hot line. 0 wasn't talking, i wasú0ú0 listening and trying to hearú0 from a hot line that has been set up to help members getú0ú0 answers to questions that ourú00 constituents are asking.ú0 >> so that's not -- that's not a conversation with -- all right. but was that a conversation wit0 a person? is thatú0 what it was?ú0ú0 or not?ú0ú0 >> no, it's a hot line there. is a human being on the end. don't ask me what the person's name was but they were doing aú0 good job. but we wereú0 engaging in that town hall meeting.ú0 my town hall meetings are withú0 friends and neighbors, fellowú00 americans. we engage. i wasn't make a keynote speech. i was walk being up and down th0 isles. i could listen and hear.ú0ú0 and by the way, i became an immediate good trend of ms. miller and i understand she was on yourú0 show.ú0 i didn't know that was the case0 but we stayed to the very endú00 talk being with her and talking with her children. that's the way i do things. >> you already lost thisú0 challenge of short, quickú0ú0 answers. let me try again. all right.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1